Minecraft, But Crafts Are Multiplied...

19. Vel 2021.
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    • Tapl, is the free giveaway plush is free shipping worldwide?

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  • heehee wisp and tapl u my fav youtubers

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  • You should do “Minecraft, but your always punching” haha..

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  • Why are people writing C h a d m o m e n t

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  • You should have made netherite in a crafting table to flex extra

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  • Plush: Limited Sellers: *Its my time to shine*

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  • 20:24 TapL being happier than Dream when he killed all the hunters in Mahunt Speedrunner vs 4 Hunters Grand Finale.. wtf?

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  • make a diamond block

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  • 9:50 am I the only one who noticed the bunny racing with tapl

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  • Me seeing the tools being stacked Le*me = this is illegal

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  • Wheat=lots of bread

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  • Your the best I love you I watch you every day and I am buying you youtooz

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  • Epe;w’q’ ‘ ‘

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  • at 2:25 your pickaxe is hacking

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  • "CHAD MOMENT" if you somehow see this

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  • This guy: *wants a boat* Minecraft: 127, take it or leave it.

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  • CHAD (I saw on the computer desk from the yootooz add)

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  • Play the rods the blade rods to play rats thank you so

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  • The pick axes are stacking

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  • you, ngl, that 360 was pretty dope.

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  • Dude his neighbors probably think he is so weird for screaming at a dragon

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  • Is this unspeakable

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  • One Pearl is enough because the craft multiples

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  • among us gadaigeb

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  • Why did you shoot the sheep?! *kills sheep*

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  • How can one try to do stuff like this?

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  • but, it isnt multplied if it doesnt give you doube the amount...

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  • Hi bro I like you

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  • Hi bro it’s me Nathan but you don’t know me but I know your videos to so cool if you see 1000 likes I will come I don’t know so no I won’t I’m sorry don’t listen to come because I’m not saying come to my house I’m just saying you’re the best I know I’m telling you comment but if you know you’re the best better than slogo so is that video was amazing you can make a Minecraft mod where you be as a ghost

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  • Please can I get one I never had one my door is 59

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  • It is me in the future you will be your mobs and then others will be more cooler and there is two mobs released pig limbs and bees k

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  • if netherite is made out of gold you should be able to trade netherite with pigbois

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  • Wait why do the things door? Threeee

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  • Wow!how u get crafts are multiplied?

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  • Love the way he screamed😭✋✋

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  • Can I have the mod download link?

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  • no one desiigner 3:04

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