3. Svi 2021.
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NEW CASE! LET'S GOOOOOO! Thank you Skinbaron for sponsoring this video! Buy / sell skins safely:

  • Thank you Skinbaron for sponsoring this video! Buy / sell skins safely: :-D

    AnomalyAnomalyPrije 4 dana
    • SNAKE IN THE GRASS update fak

      gold nuttergold nutterPrije dan
    • Came here to vote yes for the 3000 case opening :)

      M4d AlexM4d AlexPrije 2 dana
    • Been a sub for like 7 years n only jusr found out we have the same birthday 🤯

      MostWanted H4MostWanted H4Prije 4 dana
    • LOL its MY BIRTHDAY TOO !!! :D I think that I should be scared now :D

      adam wishmanadam wishmanPrije 4 dana
    • Lol my birthday is Alis on 9th december

      Morxxy AskovMorxxy AskovPrije 4 dana
  • ARE YOU FAT?????

    Danilo LehotaDanilo LehotaPrije 37 minuta
  • @Anomaly open 500 take it or leave it

    Captain NigrassaCaptain NigrassaPrije sat
  • I just unboxed tiger strike...

    Billy LCBilly LCPrije 2 sati
  • honestly at this point I hope csgo dies

    WexHexWexHexPrije 3 sati
  • u leaked ur addres

    TryperTryperPrije 3 sati
  • This case is dooooogshit

    BEPISBEPISPrije 4 sati
  • "My friends shoots me, I shoot my friends." - Anomaly 2k16

    serdy ximiserdy ximiPrije 4 sati
  • "These are fun easter eggs" Well... Can't spell funeral without "Fun" aye?

    RaisonRaisonPrije 5 sati
    • Swedish accents sound so funny

      serdy ximiserdy ximiPrije 4 sati
  • Anomaly, they already have this function in Dota 2, like you buy Dota plus, and you get access to stats.

    Jonathan Game ChannelJonathan Game ChannelPrije 6 sati
  • Pitstop is a small section of Hitman Miami, The finish line! (Atleast I got those vibes)

    BigCreativeBearBigCreativeBearPrije 8 sati
  • Anomaly Personal information leaked??? 6:12

    Legion gamingLegion gamingPrije 8 sati
  • Next update : Pay to find match

    Sadoko GemmorySadoko GemmoryPrije 10 sati
  • Anomaly: I will open 300 of those cases Valve: STONKS!!

    shani yanshani yanPrije 11 sati
  • I'm already expecting a drunk case to open

    Dusan ZarkovicDusan ZarkovicPrije 11 sati
    • imagine anomaly not from sweden

      shani yanshani yanPrije 11 sati
  • hello anomaly mexico is not south american its north american and very nice video vey nice

    mada madamada madaPrije 13 sati
  • "maybe some people hate its because its just black" anomaly 2021

    qTrueHvHqTrueHvHPrije 13 sati
  • Title : Opening snakebite case took 11 mins to see opening

    y 17y 17Prije 13 sati
  • Do 300 cases

    Andreas ThiemkeAndreas ThiemkePrije 13 sati
  • I saw the red i saw the you saw 2 pass by. Nice streamer luck

    Van FarnelVan FarnelPrije 14 sati
  • Buy me this item for steam this item is not very rare Gingerbeard winner holy mackerel factory new In my country this is very mony thank u if 1 smile creating

    tahatahaPrije 16 sati
  • Buy me this item for steam this item is not very rare Gingerbeard winner holy mackerel factory new In my country this is very mony thank u if 1 smile creating

    tahatahaPrije 16 sati
  • I love how CSGO slowly turned into a Free Chinese game.

    RawpeRRawpeRPrije 16 sati
  • Swedish accents sound so funny

    spreadeaglespreadeaglePrije 17 sati
  • Honestly trash update, hate that they are charging for stats, using old gloves and, basic case skins. It feels like they just threw this one to us saying “ fuck you, you’ll buy it anyways”

    Angel CastilloAngel CastilloPrije 20 sati
  • 10:22 well, don't quote me on this, but if I had to guess I'd say 1/365

    GodMageGodMagePrije 22 sati
  • fire

    kathrynkathrynPrije dan
  • "My friends shoots me, I shoot my friends." - Anomaly 2k16

    cnmmd qiuoocnmmd qiuooPrije dan
  • 6:28

    ssaja7ssaja7Prije dan
    • couple of years of DATA plus development by experts (some in this field think it could actually be possible to code an aware ai like skynet lmao)

      cnmmd qiuoocnmmd qiuooPrije dan
  • Do 500cases opening pls

    Drago SojkaDrago SojkaPrije dan
  • imagine anomaly not from sweden

    shakingspearsshakingspearsPrije dan
  • There is a problem , when u bought cases we saw ur steam name account and ur adress. I am not sure that is ur adress but yea =)

    WHIT3RRR -_-WHIT3RRR -_-Prije dan
  • new map included in south america: mexico

    MiltonMiltonPrije dan
  • Scam website

    mrhuff nopemrhuff nopePrije dan

    bananenpflanzerbananenpflanzerPrije dan
  • gaben: i want more money cs:go: Say no more!

    Sean DonohueSean DonohuePrije dan
  • Pays 2000 euro for a knife but won’t pay 0.85 euro for this 😂

    Baked BaguetteBaked BaguettePrije dan
  • I just discovered me and anomaly have the same birthdays

    ian kim abancoian kim abancoPrije dan
  • valve is pulling an EA move

    miamiaPrije dan
  • imagine buying a case for 13 euros and have to buy keys aswell L

    HanetammHanetammPrije dan
  • Versace USP. Nice.

    d1fferen7d1fferen7Prije dan
  • Can you please give me any 5 euro skin ? :(

    Antrylon czAntrylon czPrije dan
  • Yeah valve are fucking retards

    Ratchet_rickyRatchet_rickyPrije dan
  • YES !! Finally we get to see if people panic shoot when the first chicken pixel appears in a clutch !! >

    gold nuttergold nutterPrije dan
  • $1 is a joke.. wait wait wait ROUND WIN % STATS ? this 360 thing does this have live updating % as your demo replays ? Because that would be fucking god tier if Valve ML is as powerful as I think Valve ML is going to be. You know.. ever since trust factor and the new cheater analytics in VACnet.. it has been learning more and more about how each account plays. Pretty sure it would already know when you are seemingly not you, maybe a friend, playing on your account at your house. If you think this is stupid or impossible, eesh im scared for you. Data is everything. Patterns are everywhere. We're oblivious. Easy to look at VACnet video by 3kliks (bit of a drama queen lately but whatever). Imagine a couple of years of DATA plus development by experts (some in this field think it could actually be possible to code an aware ai like skynet lmao)

    gold nuttergold nutterPrije dan
    • OK so the free stuff out there is better stats ? sigh.. thats difficult to defend.. ok impossible lol, we dont get bonus things thrown at us we get a chance to DONATE $1/mo My bad Valve pls

      gold nuttergold nutterPrije dan
  • Dear Fatman For the love of God, stop saying "ZERO POINT EIGHTY FIVE EURO" just say eighty five cents

    Syringes KvSyringes KvPrije dan
  • We need a 300 case opening so he can get a glove

    TheChaosLucarioTheChaosLucarioPrije dan
  • 10:28 great capture of Maldonado before he crashes Hamilton out of the race xD Picture is Ho Pin Tung, Dutch driver who never raced in F1. No idea why he's there

    PerenlikkerPerenlikkerPrije dan
  • ❤👊

    Udith IsuruUdith IsuruPrije dan
  • Lose your money, open 300 cases

    Tóth KristófTóth KristófPrije dan
  • The snake on thumbnail looks like a pp haha funny

    ICON .-.ICON .-.Prije dan
  • u r gay if u dont open 300 of them

    ToasterToasterPrije dan
  • Helllllllloop guys hahaha

    Eren cem KocabasEren cem KocabasPrije dan
  • cases scamz

    Nihal :DNihal :DPrije dan
  • Do a 300 case video

    Joel JanssonJoel JanssonPrije dan
  • I would definitely watch an opening of this case. especially since it's not my money on the line and you usually make it very funny to watch.

    - Metallic -- Metallic -Prije dan
  • nice address bro i know where you live.

    phoenix Isbisterphoenix IsbisterPrije dan
  • Nice click b8 m8

    MechuMechuPrije dan
  • hey Anomaly, i got an great idea when i was drinking finish energy drink. so my idea is that you make a video of tasting finnish energy drinks if you havent done it already. tysm for even reading this. ILY Anomaly :3

    ExCe LeExCe LePrije dan
  • What remains when Anomaly jumps out of a house ? A grease stain

    Lord LörresLord LörresPrije dan
  • snekbit

    KsinciaoKsinciaoPrije dan
  • make a fukin drunk papa vid...

    Spoiler 05Spoiler 05Prije dan
  • Fun Fact: Snakebite Case 3x = USP-S Neo Noir (Field Tested)

    nichoindo123nichoindo123Prije dan
  • i was expecting the usps traitor to be the confederate flag

    Mikka KurjälainenMikka KurjälainenPrije dan
  • you bought a case from my friend offer

    DeathDeathPrije dan
  • Favourite skins part 3?

    Juice BoxJuice BoxPrije dan
  • 6:12 you just showed your address and more\

    Paulius PavilonisPaulius PavilonisPrije dan
  • how do you get all these skins I have nothing

    GrinprimGrinprimPrije dan
  • !!!!!! i got a full sapphire fac new doppler talon knife😁😁😁😁

    Anthony LAnthony LPrije dan
  • I get time crisis 2 vibes from calavera

  • They should take 1$ for a good fucking AC...FUCK THAT!

    Bisi BBisi BPrije dan
  • How much does it cost

    JuseJusePrije dan
  • 4:28 insert angry 15 year old girl with blue hair here.

    anas d canas d cPrije dan
  • Lmao Dota2 players pay more than 6 dollers for Dota2 plus subscription .

    Bablu EscobarBablu EscobarPrije dan
  • do 300 case opening of every case in one vid

    James AuJames AuPrije dan
  • Valorant: Skins are very expensive CSGO: We are now charging 4 dollars every time you press the queue button

    Ocean ManOcean ManPrije dan
  • 3:18 anomaly didn't recognise OSIPR from Half Life :(

    dolimi jotoodolimi jotooPrije dan

    Marshall FehrMarshall FehrPrije dan
    • The Chromatic Aberration gave me a vibe of Rockstar Super sour :D And I love that shait :D

      dolimi jotoodolimi jotooPrije dan
  • game is dying lets charge them more

    SUSHANT sapkotaSUSHANT sapkotaPrije dan
  • Yes do it 300 case opening

    Spicy BongoSpicy BongoPrije dan
  • You still haven't found your F7?

    YuneゆYuneゆPrije dan
  • so happy they updated the chickens!

    slimeslimePrije dan
  • 10 minutes to get to the case unboxing shit video

    poppydpoppydPrije dan
  • $1 a month is a great deal u kno.

    Anjelo RamosAnjelo RamosPrije dan
  • If you do the opening by next week you will get 1000 euro profit no cap on god

    FranticFranticPrije dan
  • The M249 skin is a skin made by the Combine from Half Life!

    thepurespartanifythepurespartanifyPrije dan
  • Mister Malta Street 1337

    AurieeAurieePrije dan
  • I feel like anomaly and pewdiepie would be an epic colab

    AMurderousChickenAMurderousChickenPrije dan
  • 8:11 - Anomaly: "Why there are so south american maps?" MEXICO IS IN NORTH AMERICA

    Rafael LazioRafael LazioPrije dan
  • 3:58 German guy says - "Cringe Digga"

    PARISPARISPrije dan
  • you born 2018 december 9th? damn your youngster. ;9

    Jonathan OlofssonJonathan OlofssonPrije dan
  • Oh hey me an anomaly have the same birthday 😎😎😎

    Crow ManCrow ManPrije dan
  • yes, you should

    Caio BerttiCaio BerttiPrije dan
  • The Chromatic Aberration gave me a vibe of Rockstar Super sour :D And I love that shait :D

    rickard svenssonrickard svenssonPrije 2 dana
  • 8:10 Mexico is in North America.

    Rodrigo ReisRodrigo ReisPrije 2 dana
  • Yeet

    CrayCray MoseCrayCray MosePrije 2 dana

    Elmo ChairElmo ChairPrije 2 dana
  • Anomaly um Mexico is not in South America

    slackinslackinPrije 2 dana
  • such a bad case

    PixelHerbsPixelHerbsPrije 2 dana

    RrQz_YTRrQz_YTPrije 2 dana