Utah Jazz vs Memphis Grizzlies Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

27. Ožu 2021.
58 468 Pregleda

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  • Why you don't have the latest video of UTAH JAZZ v Memphis game 3?

    Edna De ChavezEdna De ChavezPrije mjesec
  • where is Ersan İlyasova?

  • 7:33 that play designed for JC

    Marlon Dela TorreMarlon Dela TorrePrije mjesec
  • The Jazz will sweep the 1st and 2and round of the playoffs and face the Lakers in the Conference finals

    2K Remi2K RemiPrije mjesec
  • It would be cool if you made them longer like if you did even like 20 min highlights you would prolly kill Im guessing you prolly can't but I wish someone would just do it...

    THA KID SBTHA KID SBPrije mjesec
    • Just search extended highlights bro

      TheMrBig8TheMrBig8Prije mjesec
  • Clarkson the off the bench❤️🏀💪

    Kennedy DinglasanKennedy DinglasanPrije mjesec
  • Good team play for Utah Jazz 5 straight wins congrats..and JC welcome back kiddo 👏👏👏🇵🇭🙏good job

    Edna De ChavezEdna De ChavezPrije mjesec
  • Jordanclarkson in conley out 😁✌️✌️✌️

    Bryan TumbagaBryan TumbagaPrije mjesec
  • Still can't trust the jazz win season lose playoffs 😔

    Flash 33Flash 33Prije mjesec
  • Joe Ingles for MVP. Best player to find open players, except that its the other team players

    Kok Keng TengKok Keng TengPrije mjesec
  • Clarkson for 6th man!

    1 231 23Prije mjesec
  • That Morant slam . 🙏 Hops for Days!

    Brecht WyckstandtBrecht WyckstandtPrije mjesec

    Ert GuttierezErt GuttierezPrije mjesec
  • JC is on 🔥

    Ahlex D'greatAhlex D'greatPrije mjesec
  • Memphis lose because they cant pass the ball to Morant 😂

    This world is oursThis world is oursPrije mjesec
  • Clarkson best move

    Ronelyn KiwasRonelyn KiwasPrije mjesec
  • Anyone knows the name of these commentators ??

    MichaelMichaelPrije mjesec
    • Matt Harpring and Craig Boulerjack

      Jared GutierrezJared GutierrezPrije mjesec
  • morant's lips is olden polynice reincarnation

    Frida TiglaoFrida TiglaoPrije mjesec
  • 7:50 onwards, Memphis be like wait ,what team are we playing with

    Rem SyrRem SyrPrije mjesec
  • Nice Bounce back JC

    ɢᴀᴀʀᴀ?ɢᴀᴀʀᴀ?Prije mjesec
  • I wish they showed that play where Mitchell hit the And 1 midrange shot and turned to talk trash to the Grizzlies. He said and I quote "I'm on that ASS." I think Grizzlies' fans would agree. He certainly was all over that ass.

    Omar HolderOmar HolderPrije mjesec
  • Mitchell needs to be in MVP conversation, he is averaging over 25 ppg on the team with the best record

    Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and childrenRussell Westbrook yelling at woman and childrenPrije mjesec
    • @Adam Hafiy did u look at the wizards record as well?

      Philip RoggePhilip RoggePrije mjesec
    • Russ too...made a lot of triples

      Adam HafiyAdam HafiyPrije mjesec
    • @Noplay he is since the all star game

      Ramzy-10 SaRamzy-10 SaPrije mjesec
    • @Noplay lol you said it when his team is at #1 lol

      Ang Storya ni ShaunAng Storya ni ShaunPrije mjesec
    • He isn't carrying the team.

      NoplayNoplayPrije mjesec
  • I think it’s time for Donavan Mitchell to be in the MVP conversation. Also, I think it’s time for people to put respect on Utah’s name. Looking at you LA fans.

    C ChiversC ChiversPrije mjesec
    • @Jezinho good luck on being a douchebag! Oh wait, you’re already AMAZING at doing that.

      C ChiversC ChiversPrije mjesec
    • @C Chivers good luck on filling your false hopes of one day winning a championship 🤌🏾

      JezinhoJezinhoPrije mjesec
    • @Jezinho well, congratulations for being ecf champions last year. Good luck making it past the 4th game of the first round!.

      C ChiversC ChiversPrije mjesec
    • @C Chivers *miami fan*

      JezinhoJezinhoPrije mjesec
    • @Jezinho hi LA fan

      C ChiversC ChiversPrije mjesec
  • Mitchell is just INSANE

    k4rlok4rloPrije mjesec
    • Michel jordan

      ociv delosociv delosPrije mjesec
  • Why no rockets game ??

    Lui EngelLui EngelPrije mjesec
    • don’t waste no time with the rockets my guy

      JoeJoePrije mjesec
    • The rockets is trash 🗑

      cris vergel paguiacris vergel paguiaPrije mjesec
    • Aight bruh

      Lui EngelLui EngelPrije mjesec
    • Because they are trash and played vs timberwolwes

      Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and childrenRussell Westbrook yelling at woman and childrenPrije mjesec