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  • Employer: So where were you before coming here? Babus: I was in Yale. Employer: Oh great, I think we can hire you. Babus: Thanks! I really needed this yob. Employer: O.O

    The WolfThe WolfPrije 5 dana
  • i just love this guy so much lmao

    pazking henpazking henPrije 6 dana
  • Booba

    Star GunStar GunPrije 7 dana
  • Bro diana had e and she used it on you if you watch closely

    giannis makrypodisgiannis makrypodisPrije 8 dana
  • The music sucks big time

    Vincent Maristany KloseVincent Maristany KlosePrije 8 dana
  • Im the first in the video lol

    George MedanGeorge MedanPrije 8 dana
  • Imagine needing/requiring your chat to agree that you're good when you're a challenger player- when they're just here for entertainment. Even if he's just doing terrible (like when he got banned for feeding on Quinn). I guess you just have to lie to him and tell him he's good at the game and never makes mistakes. twitch is full of little babies in their play zones.

    alexa burnsalexa burnsPrije 9 dana
  • This guy looks like Timothyfly. They should collab some day.

    OssobucoOssobucoPrije 9 dana
  • 2:02 Kim Jong Baus lmao xDD

    Bip Bop BebBip Bop BebPrije 10 dana
  • turn up your mic, its very low kekw

    Noah It InNoah It InPrije 10 dana
  • Kim Jong Brabus the great (II)

    Sandro PhilauriSandro PhilauriPrije 10 dana
  • Dislike for the title.

    TriantalexTriantalexPrije 10 dana
  • Hej Babus. I got accepted into Yale, but now I need bayl. Can you please WPGG the officers so they know they can release me?

    Thomas SchandyThomas SchandyPrije 10 dana

    CastroCastroPrije 10 dana
  • yoking

    Babita SharmaBabita SharmaPrije 10 dana
  • Dongo bongo

    Leonardo RodriguesLeonardo RodriguesPrije 10 dana
  • The Wukong was Werlyb LMAO

    StinsonFedeStinsonFedePrije 10 dana
  • Baus has been playing on hard mode his whole life, imagine what he could do with a meta pick

    Omer SananyOmer SananyPrije 10 dana
  • come on guys they were yokking

    Mxrel LOL Ch.Mxrel LOL Ch.Prije 10 dana
  • 3:04 "I talked to a girl today" 10 seconds later : "let's play tank sion" these don't match bro

    ZenoariorZenoariorPrije 11 dana
  • Baus the merciful

    Eric Was geht sie das anEric Was geht sie das anPrije 11 dana
  • Wp gg 😁 Joking 😂 We shilling 😎 Solo Bolo 😱 Dongo Bongo 😉Single Dingle 🤩 Baus Special 🤤

    LA HawkyLA HawkyPrije 11 dana
  • Wp gg 😁 Joking 😂 We shilling 😎 Solo Bolo 😱

    mongoDone ObschtmannmongoDone ObschtmannPrije 11 dana
  • That was tank sion PogO ?

    Andy LubitzAndy LubitzPrije 11 dana
  • He was literally bullying them 😂

    SolSolPrije 11 dana
  • ban

    Илья МаруценкоИлья МаруценкоPrije 11 dana
  • hey, you guys know what? we shilling 😎

    macaron manmacaron manPrije 11 dana
  • *lul w'ing bobbyffs on youtube cuz he can't bann me here* sometimes my brain grows into an inimaginable size

    PatroidPatroidPrije 11 dana
  • Babus' court job was easy... I dunno why sb was banned for that kind of shit talk

    Never Lucky Never ProNever Lucky Never ProPrije 11 dana
  • kim yong babus lmao

    pinface 11pinface 11Prije 11 dana
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    Ponytail MwangiPonytail MwangiPrije 11 dana
  • i mean how bad is banning people from chat for expressing and opinion ..if someone says babus is bad , is it a ban reason ? you awful woke beta boi

    Fusokene KeneFusokene KenePrije 11 dana
  • lathyrus the rank one bard was hard flaming you.

    ChurchInAshesChurchInAshesPrije 12 dana
  • Biiiigggg bro i love u videos and streams chears frlm argentinaaa

    mar figueroamar figueroaPrije 12 dana
  • I really love the Baus intro. So good.

    TEDnatorTEDnatorPrije 12 dana
  • 1:31 I SEE MYSELF

    StoezStoezPrije 12 dana
  • wpgg

    Emre TurkogluEmre TurkogluPrije 12 dana
  • I am wondering if there is someone good enough with computers who could actually unban banned accounts! Then I come Across *Fastoolservice on instagram* and he perfectly unbanned my account.

    Alicia good4stopperAlicia good4stopperPrije 12 dana
  • Wp gg 😁 Joking 😂 We shilling 😎 Solo Bolo 😱

    Irving HIrving HPrije 12 dana
  • I love bausff and all but banning those guys was a bitch move

    LenoopychiefLenoopychiefPrije 12 dana
  • Playing safe in the early game? No, we take 75% of our health to grab one caster here

    One of the 12 Sion MainsOne of the 12 Sion MainsPrije 12 dana
  • 3:48

    radu calinradu calinPrije 12 dana
  • This video was honestly very intertaining

    Angelo MärkiAngelo MärkiPrije 12 dana
  • 7:55 when a girl asks you out in Thailand

    AndreiAndreiPrije 12 dana
    • Facts

      Dinis AfonsoDinis AfonsoPrije 12 dana

    Socialis_Termino16Socialis_Termino16Prije 12 dana
  • baus is so yenerous that's why his chat is the best

    JygllicJygllicPrije 12 dana
  • Cant ban from youtube comments can u cucus

    Metin AydogduMetin AydogduPrije 12 dana
  • we yoing

  • What was that Diana a dodge at 5:53 ??

    BRAZYBRAZYPrije 12 dana
  • Pretty unreasonable bans

    Jan T.Jan T.Prije 12 dana

    ThepowerliesThepowerliesPrije 12 dana
  • Her brabus was about to leave

    Toprak Doruk DERMANToprak Doruk DERMANPrije 12 dana
  • Noone goes to yale I guess. *Sad educational noises*

    Magister Hego DamaskMagister Hego DamaskPrije 12 dana
  • Is this the worker from brabus?

    Dr. Mago69Dr. Mago69Prije 12 dana
  • zilean was right baus didn't hit 16 deaths 15 was good

    ThadOfDarkThadOfDarkPrije 12 dana
  • g2 would have won if they put you on the top lane

    Fehmi KahramanFehmi KahramanPrije 12 dana
  • Has he reacted to the new Sion Skin?

    Faheem JamaloodeenFaheem JamaloodeenPrije 12 dana
  • wait i didnt wanted to see league gameplay wtf

    HugoHugoPrije 12 dana
  • Yudge: How do you plead? Criminal babus: I was yoking Yudge: Understandable have a shilling day

    Ajmb 1619Ajmb 1619Prije 12 dana
    • @Bashful ray you right, fixed

      Ajmb 1619Ajmb 1619Prije 11 dana
    • Yudge dude

      Bashful rayBashful rayPrije 12 dana
  • i am not Yoking around

    r0bertVDr0bertVDPrije 12 dana
  • Lol u suck for banning for this reasons this is the world ,deal with it.

    נועם לויןנועם לויןPrije 12 dana
  • I like the western music in the background

    Chris SmithChris SmithPrije 12 dana
  • i could watch unban requests for 10 minutes why dont more streamers do this it would be such free content no?

    rmaarmaaPrije 12 dana

    Logan McColleyLogan McColleyPrije 12 dana
  • In Court with Judge Babus

    Highnoon_ OschüüHighnoon_ OschüüPrije 12 dana
  • Wit's end sion ur actually genius

    yassinegh Gameryassinegh GamerPrije 12 dana
  • Babus vs Werlyb :D

    Mariano TobaresMariano TobaresPrije 12 dana
  • 3:58 sure man very safe in early game :P just kidding, i love you baus, i want to get out of gold and be shallenger like you :C

    Alpha AlpakaAlpha AlpakaPrije 12 dana
  • Imagine baus someday goes to jail for something, and after that he flexes with it in a bar like "i was in yale", and the girls in the bar will think he was in a top tier university.

    WutbürgerWutbürgerPrije 12 dana
  • Some of these edits got me dying 😂😂

    Aaron PalmerAaron PalmerPrije 12 dana
  • Everybody thinks its too late to play on high elo account, thats why you wait so long in queue

    Lesio 1500Lesio 1500Prije 12 dana
  • We Need More timothy fly cuts xD

    Pro Players clipsPro Players clipsPrije 12 dana
  • Baus can u plz give tell me your runes? I have been enjoying your videos. ❤️ for Brabus

    Marz GhericMarz GhericPrije 12 dana
  • Bausffs sion is crazy just too good I can never praise more

    maeton bylethmaeton bylethPrije 12 dana
  • Wp gg 😁 Joking 😂 We shilling 😎 Solo Bolo 😱 Dongo Bongo 😉

    Nuno RenteNuno RentePrije 12 dana
  • Babus the Merciful

    aleksa petrovicaleksa petrovicPrije 12 dana
  • Good yob Babus

    paolo paolopaolo paoloPrije 12 dana
  • Babus ios the best actually im not joking B)

    OkozordOkozordPrije 12 dana
  • Yudgement Day.

    WinteryMouseWinteryMousePrije 12 dana
  • Ok I love you a bit more than my dad, but tank sion... Yust please don't make me throw up ever again...

    Nikola RisticNikola RisticPrije 12 dana
  • Dongo bongo

    FrejFrejPrije 12 dana
  • babus

    KINGEAKINGEAPrije 12 dana
  • 11:21 and 11:31 Stereak works twice within 10 seconds.

    Çağdaş ÇidamÇağdaş ÇidamPrije 12 dana
    • how?

      11Prije 11 dana
  • Watching Baus is like watching Synapse, but only with the good clips

    Damian StaykovDamian StaykovPrije 12 dana
  • So he cant never ban us from chat cause he knows we are yoking

    ManuelManuelPrije 12 dana
  • You need ti be tough man, or the criminals that stay in silence will appear after You show mercy in any kind 🧐

    JjoJjoPrije 12 dana
  • This makes me smile

    Jonas RaimhuJonas RaimhuPrije 12 dana
  • That tank sion should be illegal, ad sion is too clean, tank makes me sick 🤢. Wp gg

    Dreco SlayerDreco SlayerPrije 12 dana
  • those were all my accounts, get outplayed babus 😎

    kamikaze12kamikaze12Prije 12 dana
    • wholeeuwrope is mine dont lie bud

      Sergej MaljkovicSergej MaljkovicPrije 12 dana
  • I uninstalled League and unsubbed from all of the League youtubers I watch, except for you Simon. well played yiyi

    Timothy PerdueTimothy PerduePrije 12 dana
  • hasheensheen

    hasheensheenhasheensheenPrije 12 dana
  • LULW

    Johannes BoczekJohannes BoczekPrije 12 dana
  • Can you try the new trinity force on sion, the passive were good it adds up ad when damaging turrents and champs, maybe sion inting is good again

    Romualdo MagtuloyRomualdo MagtuloyPrije 12 dana
  • Sterak proc again during sion passive?

    Jackson HalimJackson HalimPrije 12 dana
  • gotta go one step further and pay for her instead of letting her go in front of you

    chase hornerchase hornerPrije 12 dana
  • Get banned by Bauss so i can go to Yale. >:D

    0 00 0Prije 12 dana
  • Smooth

    MamkaabuserMamkaabuserPrije 12 dana
  • Wp gg 😁 Joking 😂 We shilling 😎 Solo Bolo 😱

    MladiDzimiKendrickxMladiDzimiKendrickxPrije 12 dana
  • Baus you are so bad At making boring videos

    Joe KenwoodJoe KenwoodPrije 12 dana
  • Babus unbanning people "I am a Yenerous God"

    Captain TutanCaptain TutanPrije 12 dana
    • yenerous yodge

      ForknikeForknikePrije 12 dana