Hydraulic Press vs 1000 Sheets Of Paper

28. Tra 2021.
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These are the world's most satisfying and intense hydraulics press experiments! Watch til the end to see some of the craziest experiments we've reacted to ever!
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  • Hydroflat

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  • So satisfying the paper getting rekt

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  • Hydraulic Press vs 1000 Sheets Of Paper wha- what

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  • lol

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  • Is it just me or did jimmy disipoint you when he says its a plate?

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  • Hydroflate

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  • Chris referenced the video where they made a sandwich by smashing to cars together

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  • is he high lol

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  • I like hydro flat boi plate is loser

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  • like pipes with enough pressure it'll bust lol just like humans

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  • How dare you destroy axe body spray...$&*# y’all....... 😆

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  • Hydro flat

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  • There called cheese balls

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  • But when Chris said SHEEEESSSSSSSHHHH man I felt that 😭

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  • Hydraulic press:Takes 30 second to crush a bunch of paper Indian movie:turns golf ball to dust within one second🤣🤣

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  • 0:45

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  • It’s so funny when mr beast said that looks like a. Pizza and Chris said That mr beast said I’m chese puff blind

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