Tate McRae - rubberband (Official Video)

20. Sij 2021.
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snapping a rubberband is a way to get over something.... sometimes even a person. this song means a lot to me, i hope you guys love it. get "rubberband": smarturl.it/rubberbandx
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Was it a wasted couple months?
sneaking outta the window, spending nights in limbo
was that all there was for us?
midnight driving, running through highland
does it make me the criminal?
that i let you go
that i broke us and left
i hate that i never know
why you’re still so caught up in my head
i know you wanted a promise
i wasn’t ready, can i be honest?
never knew what i had until i lost it
and i got this rubber band on my wrist, on my wrist
and i snap it every time that i think about your lips
yeah i got this rubberband on my wrist, on my wrist
almost break it every time when i’m trying to forget
know that i have never been good at this
love you in a second, next you know i’m checking out
of moments i shouldn’t miss
now i’m looking through the photos
wishing i was different
and i got this rubber band on my wrist, on my wrist
and i snap it every time that i think about your lips
yeah i got this rubberband on my wrist, on my wrist
almost break it every time when i’m trying to forget
i know you wanted a promise
i wasn’t ready, can i be honest?
never knew what i had until i lost it
and i got this rubber band on my wrist, on my wrist
and i snap it every time that i think about your lips
yeah i got this rubberband on my wrist, on my wrist
almost break it every time when i’m trying to forget
Directed by - Black Lake
Production Co - blacklake.io
Cinematographer - Derek Branscombe
Creative Director - Eddie Mandell
Lighting Director - Gideon Ayesu
Choreographer - Michelle Dawley
Stylist - Kaitlyn Vitug
Production Designer - Claudia Dall'Orso
VFX Artist - Jordan Allen
Colorist - Clinton Homuth
Label - RCA Records
VP of Visual Content Production - Sabrina Rivera
Video Coordinator - Karina Lopez
Management - Hard 8 // Working Group
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  • LEMME KNOW WHATCHU THINK:) i love you guys smarturl.it/rubberbandx

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    • i feel you so bad on this song love you

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  • Is she pretending to be billie eilish? 🤔

    ALPHA PYRO!ALPHA PYRO!Prije 29 minuta
  • I remember watching the premiere a month ago AND ITS MY FAVE SONG RN🤩

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  • Already making music

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  • So sad that in France nobody knows her, she's amazing

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  • I did a cover of You Broke Me First if anyone wants to go check it out 😊 It would mean a lot to me if you did. It's not very good but you can listen if you want to

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  • Beautiful voice.👌

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  • One word. *Beautiful.*

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  • 0% inappropriate 100% talent 100% dancing Who wouldn’t love this girl? *under rated*

    tatemcraelyrictatemcraelyricPrije 11 sati
  • I’ve been here since she was at 150k 🥲

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  • Queeeeeen

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  • Um...ok so u know how she says she has a rubber band on her wrist....I havnt heard this song before and when she said that my heart skipped beat because there’s literally one on my wrist and I like just put it on 5 seconds ago

    Dumb GamerDumb GamerPrije 15 sati
  • 🇨🇲nian still caut up in sad type pop rnb a d hip hop songs

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  • whats rly sad is that other songs get more views in a few days, tate is so underrated

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  • I heard this song in an ad, and I never really like songs in ads, but I suprisigly fell in love with this song😌

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  • I love you

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  • I added this song in my Walkman

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  • A girl offered me this song ( starting from -40 seconds) but i don't like her the same way. What do i do

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  • She keeps amazing us by her lyrics ❤❤

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  • One artist whos never let me down

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  • ily Tate

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  • Omg I luv this song I listen to it literally everyday

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  • the people who disliked this song should get a covid test done, because one of the symptoms is no taste.

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  • I loveeeittttttttttttt😍😗

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  • This is a piece of art

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  • 🎶And i got this rubber band on my wrist, l snap it every time when l think of your lips 👄🎶

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  • started wearing a rubber band on my wrist because of this song

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  • pov: ur heard the spotify ad for “chill songs” and your wondering how this song is “chill”.

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  • lol spotify is making me hate this fucking song.

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  • why do you not look like how you sing

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  • This song is an absoulute hit! It's amazing and I really wish I would of heard it more! I haven't heard it on any radio stations yet, but I think it should definitely be played. Me and my BFF are massive fans of your videos, and we were screaming SOOO loud whne we watched it live.!

    Lexie BryantLexie BryantPrije dan
  • Rarely comment on something but damn that song ...this voice is from heaven 💕

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  • Em ok look this might be weird but this is not my type. I like polo g and others but this is my new girl bestie. Love the song

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  • This song makes me have lisp

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  • Tryna forget someone that I’ve never dated but (was with in a relationship) but shattered me into pieces 💔😔

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  • I am not shocked that this is too good anymore. SHES PERFECT ILY

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  • the dislikes are from the jealous bc they didn't write the song ps: i like the song, thats a lie, i FRICKING LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!

    Kim CastroKim CastroPrije dan
  • This song is itself a killer 🔥🔥🔥 i dnt thnk tht anyone after listening this song wil live without listening this song....💖💖💖😂 its lyrix has been written into my hearts💖🙈🙈💖💓

    Preeti BhandariPreeti BhandariPrije dan
  • Tate can sing ,write songs , dance ,act and be such a godess at the same time how ?

    Queen beeQueen beePrije 2 dana
  • She's like Billie Eilish

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  • First time I watch it after hearing it play on Spotify 2/24/21

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  • This is actually a good idea because I think about my crush too much lol but then I don't wanna forget about him cause imma simp ☺️ ❤️= this song

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  • OMG this is the best song

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  • I still remember the song one day

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  • am i really deaf or am i hearing her sing "i know you need a promise" instead of "wanted a promise" ? i can't be the only one ._.

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  • My biggest flex is I have been following Tate since she came out with the song with no title 😊

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  • i got this rubber band on my wrishhhhhht on my wrishhhhhht

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  • Yesss

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  • Pop songs are way to easy to relate to. It ruins the true art of music. You see, your supposed to be present when listening. Not thinking about the past or future when listening. Keith jarret and John Coltrane is real business.

    Arne KronvallArne KronvallPrije 2 dana
  • pech pech🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

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  • OwO

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  • no longer our secret but still underrated...

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  • this is a fire song!!!!!!!!!!!! all pf the songs you make are the best.

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  • I love this song omg, especially the chorus

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  • I love this, I can't believe how far you've come since "I wrote a song"! I love u :)

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  • You have really big talent 😍

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  • I love you Tate can you make vlogs please ❤️

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    havatzelet lovehavatzelet lovePrije 3 dana
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  • Beautiful song, beautiful voice, nice lyrics.

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  • hrex.info/too/a55vfp5jfn94mZk/video.html Sccubaa Music

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  • your voice- its an angel.

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  • Queen can *dance* Queen can *sing* Queen is *17* Queen's gonna get a Grammy someday soon

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  • I love this song it’s my favorite from Tate❤️

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  • Why do people think charli is most talented

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  • i think she needs a nomination

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