My Sister is a Robot | True Sister Struggles | Relatable Family Musical by La La Life

2. Svi 2021.
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If your sister annoys you all day long, you might think about having a beautiful robot twin instead👸A robot sister can help you out with the chores, she’s always kind and supportive and she does whatever you ask😉 Sounds like a perfect sister, huh? But here come sibling struggles! Watch our new relatable episode and share it with your friends!
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00:00 Sister’s prank
00:54 Delivery
01:52 Robo dance
02:45 Grandma
03:53 Robot’s help
05:10 Cleaning
05:53 Having fun with the robosister
06:22 Pillow fight
06:56 Scared grandma
07:44 Boys vs Girls
08:43 Makeover
10:03 Annoying robosister
10:27 It’s gonna be a long night
11:09 Charging
11:31 Working out
11:55 Real sister’s back
12:27 Granny Vs Robot
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  • Me:humm I'll get a robot I'm lonely at my house robot:#$%=>÷,#& me:dozens Robot:hello Me:hi Robot:let's have fun Me:ok Robot:powers off Me:hmm must be dead better charge it Robot:powers on Me:let's have fun again Robot:ok Me:powers off robot Me:charges robot Me:better get to bed I got school Robot:hepern school bell rang Me:time for school-_-

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