Billie Eilish - Therefore I Am (Official Music Video)

12. Stu 2020.
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Directed by Billie Eilish

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing Therefore I Am. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records

  • she said make a video of me taking food in the mall and leave LMAOOO

    Lady QLady QPrije 55 sekundi
  • Such a great song for when your ex is trying to be your friend and all buddy buddy. And you shouldn't be friends with exs

    L I L L I EL I L L I EPrije 55 sekundi
  • العرب هلن بيكم في بيلي ايلش 💚🥺

    zozo Mhamadzozo MhamadPrije minute
  • I ask Billie Eilish to sing me material for the exam, because only if she sing it i will learn it

    Appa MommoAppa MommoPrije minute
  • وين كويلي خل يشوف في حركات ماسونيه 😂😂

    Bandar AlhajriBandar AlhajriPrije minute
  • *i'm so hecking triggered about the way she just didn't even bite the pretzel*

    n0t w3nj1n0t w3nj1Prije 2 minuta
  • OMG gonna FaVvV

    Harem HAMAHarem HAMAPrije 2 minuta
  • توقف عن ماذا تتكلم بحق الجحيم ؟

    fahoody alfahadfahoody alfahadPrije 3 minuta
  • She is soooo fing overrated. She is using autotune all the time....

    My F WorldMy F WorldPrije 4 minuta
  • Alguém fala português

    Isadora VasconcelosIsadora VasconcelosPrije 4 minuta
  • am i the only one dreaming about pretzels now? its so hard to get good pretzels nowadays cuz im pretty sure the malls are closed in my area :(

    Dalia AbdallahDalia AbdallahPrije 5 minuta
  • mano deve ter sido muito legal gravar isso

    p a i n z i n h ap a i n z i n h aPrije 5 minuta
  • Damn this video just made me miss going to the mall 🥲

    J. Show1J. Show1Prije 6 minuta
  • Billie não conhece a palavra limite amei

    Foxi FireFoxi FirePrije 6 minuta
  • Billie this is the best song that my ears could hear :))))))

    airam figueroaairam figueroaPrije 7 minuta
  • Because of covid19 the mall is empty But Billie Eilish doesn't care

    사랑해coconut사랑해coconutPrije 7 minuta
    • She does there is literalt no one in that mall

      Mikaela PinzariMikaela PinzariPrije minute
  • Mall Security: 👁___👁

    Lazy Quartz634Lazy Quartz634Prije 7 minuta
  • اتوقع بيلي عاجبها الوضع كذا قاعده تاكل وتغني انا ما حزني غير المصور اشتهى من اليوم يلحق وراها يبغاها تعطيييههه هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

    fahoody alfahadfahoody alfahadPrije 7 minuta
  • Billie is so lucky she is alone in the mall she can rob the candy shop

    Xavier AguilarXavier AguilarPrije 8 minuta
  • Hey billie, i wanna say how much youve made my life better. I was crying because i miss my gf then i listened to your music and i felt way better and much more happier 🥺💗

    Catherine MasonCatherine MasonPrije 9 minuta
  • omg no one is talking about how talented is the camera 👁️👄👁️

    Luna TorresLuna TorresPrije 9 minuta
  • Yo this is like the most badass song tho

    Kali GillespieKali GillespiePrije 9 minuta
  • شكم شخص،عربي،هنا اثبتو وجودكم 💚🤞

    عاشقة الغيومعاشقة الغيومPrije 11 minuta
  • This way of living is not healthy Billie. These foods increase your cholesterol and blood pressure. Also it’s not safe not to wear masks in public places, the Covid-19 pandemic is real. Wear a mask and keep your hands sanitized to stay healthy.

    Mohsen KhodabakhshMohsen KhodabakhshPrije 11 minuta
  • Arrasa porra

    Beatriz Blog gacha OfBeatriz Blog gacha OfPrije 11 minuta
  • Billie ! Do you have a Twin ?????????😍😱

    Amine AvakinAmine AvakinPrije 12 minuta
  • Some people: Body shaming Billie Her response: grabs all the food she can hold.

    ItzAlyssa _ItzAlyssa _Prije 13 minuta
  • I love how the music video is just Billie stealing food filmed on an iPhone

    Raneem OlayanRaneem OlayanPrije 13 minuta
  • This song is amazing love it it’s just a causual day for Billie to be in an empty mall

    Dreamy lofipDreamy lofipPrije 13 minuta
  • No one: Billie: Grabs donut and pretzel for music video

    silkaj marotasilkaj marotaPrije 13 minuta
  • i want that pretzel

    jordynツjordynツPrije 13 minuta
  • يويلي عليها بنت علوش

    lqlqlqlqPrije 14 minuta
  • She hypnotized me ❤💚🖤❤💚🖤❤💚🖤

    Rickx FFRickx FFPrije 14 minuta
  • Там в конце как будто на русском крикнули "эй, куда бежишь" 😅

    Sor rySor ryPrije 16 minuta
  • Shot on iPhone 54.

    María Victoria PérsicoMaría Victoria PérsicoPrije 18 minuta
  • Ok... I Swear I have not only been to that mall, I know exactly where it is

    Eli GEli GPrije 18 minuta
  • Seeing people on tiktok trying to do their version of her speaking part at 1:03 is so cringe

    シboredolシboredolPrije 19 minuta
  • 😭😭💚

    Aspro -YTAspro -YTPrije 20 minuta
  • It's crazy how this really isn't my go-to type of music and yet every song Billie puts out, I am THERE 👏

    CaseyCaseyPrije 21 minute
  • this is so goooooood

    Sara CristinaSara CristinaPrije 22 minuta
  • big trash billie eilish and all new school artists who support biden public to influence their fans for vote biden!!! you said trump destroy america... u dont know anything billie!! biden said himself (we create fraud system) and you still support him because u are sheep of globalization. i know so much more about biden's scamms but i cant speak 30 days for write here everything but you support the most corrupt political system

    Δημητρης ΚαρακωσταςΔημητρης ΚαρακωσταςPrije 22 minuta
  • people during covid In d mall watching Billie Eilish like nahh, I'm not going to that area, i gotta SoCiAl DiStAnCe 👁 👁 👄

    Its PamsellazoIts PamsellazoPrije 22 minuta
  • ah the only person that looks good running through a empty mall being recorded by an iphone

    Zekle YTZekle YTPrije 22 minuta
  • Ay what's happened? This menta be music ?

    Ryan RileyRyan RileyPrije 23 minuta
  • Always teenager

    Ahmad AskerAhmad AskerPrije 23 minuta
  • Does Billie wanna make you sob of happiness....?

    Addison PlackoAddison PlackoPrije 24 minuta
  • Could anyone tell me why is this video like billie having 5minutes exercise and then waisting it with food lmao🤣

    Nikola KaraterzievNikola KaraterzievPrije 25 minuta
  • This song makes me wanna tell my mom to clean her room.

    BamBooZLeDBamBooZLeDPrije 25 minuta
  • Loveeeee this songggg

    Addison PlackoAddison PlackoPrije 26 minuta
  • Billie Eilish is my spirit animal

    Life of M and JLife of M and JPrije 27 minuta
  • Me the entire time Billie bite pretzels !!!!!!!!!!!

    IamdajhonIamdajhonPrije 27 minuta
  • اركض خويه عامر اجتج الشرطه😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • She is very crazy, I love it

    Higor RizetoHigor RizetoPrije 28 minuta
  • I', Love billie eilish

    llins Angelllins AngelPrije 29 minuta
  • I’m glad to see that Billie can eat a pretzel, a donut, nachos, fries, and a soda with no regrets. Eat happily!

    profscaprofscaPrije 29 minuta
  • 00:37 (incase you want to go straight to the music)

    Penolope AktinsPenolope AktinsPrije 29 minuta
  • Hallo Bellie Eye Lashes :D

    Carlos PaezCarlos PaezPrije 29 minuta
  • Me if i was a millionaire:

    ExoticButter sExoticButter sPrije 30 minuta
  • This was filmed in the Victoria Centre in Nottingham, UK.

    A MA MPrije 30 minuta
  • hir justin biver crie for billie me wtf

    Emily UwUEmily UwUPrije 31 minute
  • the thing is is she allowed to do that

    Samantha PhillipsSamantha PhillipsPrije 31 minute
  • Wow

    jessica aciolejessica aciolePrije 31 minute
  • Who's is watching this in 2030 not knowing what a mall is?

    Kevin HodgeKevin HodgePrije 32 minuta
  • mds imagina, se eu encontro a Billie roubando o shopping

    Carol RosadaCarol RosadaPrije 33 minuta
  • Billie Elish is the best singer in all o the world

    Raquel Alonso SuárezRaquel Alonso SuárezPrije 33 minuta
  • the videio is not for me (iam boy)

    Hyve _RobloxHyve _RobloxPrije 33 minuta
  • Damn... She really just stole a whole as pretzel at 3 in the morning

  • i love you biliie the mexico

    Emily UwUEmily UwUPrije 35 minuta
  • OMG i sent the lyrics to my friend and she thought i didn't wanna be friends no more🤣🤣🤣

    Yasbet AlvarezYasbet AlvarezPrije 36 minuta
  • you are being fat , why ?

    Boukermouche MohammedBoukermouche MohammedPrije 37 minuta
  • 3:00

    Hamza MohamedHamza MohamedPrije 37 minuta
  • Billie eilish she just have fun

    eljoy barilloeljoy barilloPrije 37 minuta
  • The real question is: WhY iSnT sHe wEaRinG a MaSk SHES gOnNa gEt sIcK

    Dimitri ZeiglerDimitri ZeiglerPrije 40 minuta
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💌💌💌💌💌💌🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    دانة القطاندانة القطانPrije 40 minuta
  • I actually really like this music video.

    Goblin BabeGoblin BabePrije 40 minuta
  • The lyrics to this song simple yet when she sings them it’s just WOAH

    Mr NobodyMr NobodyPrije 41 minute
  • I also want

    Caitlyn. emmCaitlyn. emmPrije 41 minute
  • Yass Billie you get it girl!! Love you🤍 I’m a big fan

    iiPxstel_Dxisyii -RobloxiiPxstel_Dxisyii -RobloxPrije 42 minuta
  • 1:04 i like THE your voice

  • She is distinct from the rest of the girls of her age, she is amazing, loved in her own way, the best thing about her is her lack of interest in both people. I don't care. I don't care. This only. You cannot imitate her because she is normal.

    Mouna YasmineMouna YasminePrije 42 minuta
  • Lo que nadie pidió pero necesitábamos.

    No sé Qué ponerNo sé Qué ponerPrije 43 minuta
  • The song is literally WOW 🤩😍 I’m acc shook who else ??????

    Mr NobodyMr NobodyPrije 43 minuta
  • I love how awfully executed this is - this is a compliment not a hate comment lol I this can be misunderstood, but yeah 🤍

    KhushiKhushiPrije 43 minuta

    Leandra Bekkevold BaliLeandra Bekkevold BaliPrije 44 minuta
  • Why all those comments so fresh lol ❔❗️

    Mr NobodyMr NobodyPrije 45 minuta
  • If I was billie I would dance and eat all the candy there 😂

    Callum GamezCallum GamezPrije 46 minuta
  • massa gravar no shopping fechado

    Regina FelixRegina FelixPrije 48 minuta
  • I know where this mall is

    Naomi CernaNaomi CernaPrije 48 minuta
  • *Some girls bullying my sister-* *"You are a mistake to the earth!"* Me- 1:03

    -AnimeGirl- YesSirrr-AnimeGirl- YesSirrrPrije 48 minuta
  • The song seems to be about people assuming what kind of person she is and always talk shit. But what does “I think therefore I am” have to do with it? (I know what that quote means I just wanna know how it connects to the rest of the lyrics)

    Goblin BabeGoblin BabePrije 49 minuta
  • Before listening: WOW 5 minutes ? So long! After listening: TOO SHORT *replay*

    lisa kimmellisa kimmelPrije 49 minuta
  • Coochiedestroyer5 come back

    ProbablyabatProbablyabatPrije 49 minuta
  • And?

    علي علي عليعلي علي عليPrije 49 minuta
  • Can we appreciate the skilled cameraman for a second 😍🙄

    Dolce KDolce KPrije 50 minuta
  • I dont know why but i live this video ❤️

    Anaya AliAnaya AliPrije 51 minute
  • How old is she ?

    Muhammed ARSLANMuhammed ARSLANPrije 52 minuta
  • Why do she be looking like ImAlex

    Big ChungusBig ChungusPrije 53 minuta
  • OMG Billie is the new exponent of Rationalism in the 21st century, my little cutie Rene Descartes UwU

    Fabrizio Di MuroFabrizio Di MuroPrije 55 minuta
  • L

    mundo do material escolar da lulumundo do material escolar da luluPrije 55 minuta
  • Man I wouldnt even be mad if I got sick from her

    rogurtrogurtPrije 55 minuta