I owe AMD an apology...

18. Stu 2020.
882 728 Pregleda

I’ve been pretty hard on AMD GPUs in the past... which is why I owe them a major apology today!
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  • reoptimize? REOPTIMIZE? lol common jay, control is not optimized at all. lost some stripes here buddy. also, complaining on GN for making long ass videos but you made a long ass video too. also, motion blur? really? how the fuck do you have 3 million subs? all braindead like you bro. enjoy the overpriced watercooling aswell. lmao

    Death RagerDeath RagerPrije 8 minuta
  • ..3070 isnt 50 dollars cheaper, that was the founders edition which doesnt exist anymore.

    Kebin. DKebin. DPrije 34 minuta
  • That music in the background. Not good background music. I kept having to check levels and equipment to find out what the hell that noise was.

    ganjasageganjasagePrije 37 minuta
  • #JayzTwoCents # has Intel and Nvidia Fan Boi always. everyone knows it .

    Adam DeagnasAdam DeagnasPrije sat
  • 7 FPS. PC Peasant.

    ArcherArcherPrije sat
  • Damn Jay your review quality is through the roof! S-class man.

    maartenboy37maartenboy37Prije sat
  • 2400mhz lol. We're gonna start referring to GPU clockspeed in GHz like CPUs before we know it.

    Kaleb BussingerKaleb BussingerPrije 2 sati
  • Do you think the combo r5 3600 and this 6800 is still a good one? 🤔

    ShooterUndeadShooterUndeadPrije 2 sati
  • I get it, numbers are confusing, just look at intel, turning their product lines into algebra equations Side note, why are RTX 2070s selling for $800 'referbished' on amazon? There are literally no graphics cards, been looking for weeks to replace some defective Asrock Challenger D 5700xt, cant find anything in acceptable qualtities 1650 and 1660TI are all i can find

    denvera1g1denvera1g1Prije 2 sati
  • IN defense of the Vega 64, I'd like to say that its performance did improve a lot over time as the drivers improved. I agree from a price/performance perspective it was never great, it did become a pretty decent card. At least that's what I tell myself, because I have one!

    ZoolookukZoolookukPrije 2 sati
  • So, might as well wait for rDNA 3 since that gen might actually have usable RT which future games are gonna use more?

    kly playskly playsPrije 3 sati
  • Turn of "full screen optimization" in properties. Then turn off AA when at 4k, you don't need it.

    Gary KuyperGary KuyperPrije 3 sati
  • All I saw was 3080 being a beast

    Xander JonesXander JonesPrije 3 sati
  • What drama this time, Jayz?

    Addam RobinAddam RobinPrije 3 sati
  • when you said testing methodology i heard that in steve burkes voice

    Nathan Vs EverythingNathan Vs EverythingPrije 4 sati
  • Amd software has always been lacking.

    LJLJPrije 5 sati
  • LETS BE REAL, ALL GPUS AVAILABLE TODAY IS 1440p GPUs, 4K is 1 Generation away. A requirement is minimum 120fps.. then its considered a card for that res

    Inseperable GenerationInseperable GenerationPrije 5 sati
  • Your charts aren’t very easy on the eyes, check some other videos out to see how they do them.

    MorkminsterMorkminsterPrije 5 sati
  • Hey Jay, how much faster does big Navi have to be to beat Ampere? (He said 350%). How about AMD's ray tracing implementation? (He said software only). Why do people listen to you? Derp..

    DocuLab 3DDocuLab 3DPrije 6 sati
  • everyone wondering where all the rtx cards are, just look in the background LUL

    bilinas minibilinas miniPrije 6 sati
  • i want rtx 3080 to cyberpunk 2077... already bought, but need to go for scalpers, the gpu is not even going to me right now... pay more and those stuff because of no stock shit is kind dumb, we need more brands on market to produce more gpus, they are on limits right now

    Vinícius SchadeckVinícius SchadeckPrije 7 sati
  • Lol that roast 4:05

    Jump ShockJump ShockPrije 8 sati
  • free vc please

    kent veranakent veranaPrije 8 sati
    • videos so you dont make false statements.

      bilinas minibilinas miniPrije 6 sati
  • Sapphire Trixx is the best tweaking software for AMD. Especially for voltage, overclocking and fan curve. It does not conflict with drivers and it works on any AMD card.

    Batidas Binaurais - Binaural BeatsBatidas Binaurais - Binaural BeatsPrije 8 sati
  • Cool

    Khaos KryptosKhaos KryptosPrije 8 sati
  • Fucking hell this generation is expensive! I think the RTX 3070 is the "cheapest" one coming in at $499, and if you live in Norway you have to pay between $600-800 depending on which RTX 3070 you choose to buy... Think I'll be holding on to my GTX 1070 until they release a 3060 or lower the prices.

    V LarsenV LarsenPrije 9 sati
    • Laughs in australian *coughs in 1100$ for a rtx 3070*

      HxxdxnHxxdxnPrije 5 sati
  • Well, on the other hand, its all fine on linux. Day one drivers? Woooohooo, we never had it and now its real.

    Michal PálešMichal PálešPrije 9 sati
  • I would love to see a crossfire build in the Enthoo pro II with two RX 6800 XT's mounted vertically one above the other

    Nicholas BodeuxNicholas BodeuxPrije 9 sati
  • Awesome! Thumbs up to Jay and his humbleness. You don't see many people around apologizing, especially like MSI for their scalping thingy, if we can call it like that.

    cyberthief183cyberthief183Prije 10 sati
  • So did Jay use Ryzen 3 or not? SAM makes a very huge difference in performance for those 6000 cards. If he benchmarked it on an intel or ryzen 2 then the charts would look totally different with SAM

    JohnfuseJohnfusePrije 10 sati
  • but if you combine the 6800xt with a r7 5700x beats the 3080 with the "fast memory"

    Giovanni TosinGiovanni TosinPrije 10 sati
  • It's like living Radeons 9500 easy modable to 9700, or 9800SE to full 9800 again :D I

    szponiastyszponiastyPrije 10 sati
  • That monitor is just terrible for your neck and eyes. I hope you don't use it for lunch ng periods of time

    cctaylor88cctaylor88Prije 11 sati
  • AMD review: Jay's shelf is full with Nvidia cards but he switched the color to red

    Barnabás BilincsiBarnabás BilincsiPrije 11 sati
  • "would be a very expensive game of dominos if they all fell over" cmon Jay you're not Linus

    ravenravenPrije 12 sati
  • Jay, where do you feel the 6900 will sit on the scale ?

    Joe ClarkeJoe ClarkePrije 12 sati
  • Jay: 24fps is not a playable setting. Me: *cries in every game I've played on potato mode*

    Dexter RuedasDexter RuedasPrije 12 sati
  • The free usb drives is not limited to your audience, hello its also austin evens and any content creator, why state it like that? like do you chaps not watch each others sponsored videos so you dont make false statements.

    Christyn PienaarChristyn PienaarPrije 13 sati
  • The AA in 4k don't need at all..

    Alex KartAlex KartPrije 13 sati
  • SmartAxe memory Me: show us fps 🤔

    Ayikkara YajamaananAyikkara YajamaananPrije 14 sati
  • does amd software still have the software update feature, it somehow dissappeared with one of the most recent updates

    OnsDiySoemaGoeteOnsDiySoemaGoetePrije 14 sati
  • I think it's hilarious all the people freaking out over the new amd cards which are worse performance per dollar, worse performance overall and will be a shit show of buggy and unstable drivers for it's entire existence, and competes only on price point in an area that has no competition lmao

    romaneeconti02romaneeconti02Prije 15 sati
  • HBM reminded me of RAMBUS. It had the potential, but too damn expensive. Hence we're all using DDR memory on our motherboards today.

    mintycbomintycboPrije 15 sati
  • U should compare this to cpu and gpu rage mode

    SeraSeraPrije 15 sati
  • RTX is lame, would have called it Nvidia Voodoo

    Blake CrewsBlake CrewsPrije 15 sati
  • AMD leads way with smart access NVIDIA then will allow you too use it too following AMD but would not lead the way.

    joe janejoe janePrije 15 sati
  • I love you Jay, but in what universe is 45 fps not playable? If it's over 30 it's good

    Chris EllorrisChris EllorrisPrije 15 sati
  • Without overclocking or under volting and doing a test is like letting nvidia and amd fight but with one hand behind amds back and tampered nvidias gloves..

    scarshotsTVscarshotsTVPrije 16 sati
  • NVIDIA BROUGHT YOU RAY TRACING AMD ....DID TOO! NVIDIA BRINGS YOU A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF RAY TRACING... Ladies and Gentlemen, Waddlers and Coddlers, Lovers and Love to Fight in the Sack Types, People Furiously Copulating in our Audience Security is attempting to break-up, Security Guards joining in with our studio audience's public group sex... so like half... I PRESENT TO YOU.... can you stop the slapping noises hither and to for like TWO FUCKING SECONDS? ....THANK YOU!!! I GIVE YOU!!!! INTRODUCING... [[CUE SCENES FROM GOODFELLAS, COP LAND, BLOW, AD FOR RICOTTA CHEESE because ...you'll see]] ...OUR NEWEST FEATURE!!! RAY LIOTTA TRACING!!!! [[AUDIENCE GASPS, MARVELS]] His name make anyone else think of like ... Ricotta cheese? Ray Ricotta Cheese Maker Liotta Ad Maker Ooyma Gamering Console hit cartridge with disc unit interior included for maximum fun. TOO MUCH CROSSOVER NOOOOOOOO gotta pee out. ladle folks.

    Jim BoylesJim BoylesPrije 16 sati
  • Why did wildlands have sucha gap

    Patman 33Patman 33Prije 17 sati
  • Fan control, schman control. Waterblock it!

    vomErstenvomErstenPrije 17 sati
  • How about putting on an AMD system & see what it can do with all the stuff turned on....So now it looks like it is still not as good, falling just short. God job. First impression never have any lasting affect. I would not be so hard on you IF the other testing was not a week later in coming. But you had time to mess with Steve doing over clocking the other night. He on the other hand got his tested , in one go.

    Todd MclaughlinTodd MclaughlinPrije 19 sati
  • Idk if it's feasible asking here, but does anyone know when it will be relatively easy to pick up any of the new cards again ? I haven't hunted for a GPU before so I'm curious as to how the trend is. Thanks !

    mrlmaokunmrlmaokunPrije 19 sati
  • Really happy AMD caught up and pulled out a haymaker on Nvidia. It was enough to daze them for sure. Unfortunately performance is so close that the lack of Gsync (which is WAY better than Freesync/Gsync Compatible) and Radeon drivers being notorious pieces of crap that I will be sticking with Nvidia. For now.

    JuniorMintsIncJuniorMintsIncPrije 20 sati
  • I still don't think vega64 was this massive fail for a large amount of the buyers. Especially depending on when they got it and how they are willing to play with it. Honestly I wish AMD just had some software even if it stayed a beta but is from them that let's you adjust all settings at your own risk including power draw etc... seriously suddenly huge power draw and heat suddenly isn't something to joke about once Intel or Nvidia do so. Hell there are Nvidia cards that were so damn hot that it shouldn't of been a joke, but yet its looked at jokingly and almost beloved. I have ZERO issues with Nvidia, I have them and AMD cards and that includes up till both newest gen so its not some dumb hatred of the hardware. Guess more so how so called "fans" act especially the fan boys however they both can be assholes but having to defend even if your better or have little difference or real world experience isn't so noticeable but at that time those things are SO important until said "winning" brand has the same issues and suddenly its not a issue and if its brought up as a issue you get attacked. Like drivers overall may be "better" from reviewers especially. However I don't think its some large margin, well that and when Nvidia does have problems they are pretty big (what imo makes the issues close). AMD has hella problems too, and especially with ruining something they have released better previously. Here's hoping software helps out the 6800 series (hope they arnt hobbling it to keep 6900 ahead when its out and widely available). Oh well I'm Hella happy the entire industry is getting shaken up. Here's hoping that they end up even and perhaps where we get that they are. Lose but each generation have one winning causing each to constantly innovate. I do think there is a chance AMD can do something in the next few years, even causing (perhaps not publicly) a stir within Nvidia (which i personally think they have with Nvidia releasing such a big jump over the 20 series imo). Oh wells just my thoughts, have a good one everybody and enjoy gaming.

    An McAn McPrije 21 sat
  • This is all moot since you can't actually buy any of these cards becasue scalpers and bots have snatched them all up.

    g00gle minusg00gle minusPrije 22 sati
  • Anyone know the name of the song playing during the test results?

    SeDevriSeDevriPrije 22 sati
  • Other than the graphs that referenced FPS (Frames per second), I had no idea what the others meant. Would be nice to get a legend or perhaps description in the graph title that says higher or lower numbers means better/worse.

    Mark MunsonMark MunsonPrije 22 sati
  • Jays monitor is bigger than my living room TV.... T.T ....

    Stan WngStan WngPrije 23 sati
  • 1080ti's are still $800....... I give these buys a 2 year wait.

    Dr. Zippy McscootsDr. Zippy McscootsPrije dan
  • Good for you! Your background is OBSCENE! People love posers.

    iam metcashiam metcashPrije dan
  • What's with the team rocket R on the new AMD cards?

    Gerard KeanGerard KeanPrije dan
  • FE edition reviews are bogus cause like 1 % of gamers will actually own one and every alternate brand nvidia card will be like 25% more expensive and thus incomparable.

    Sluglord ZorSluglord ZorPrije dan
  • Yeah the Driver. You will See the issues one year lauter too.

    M. M.M. M.Prije dan
  • Rtx 3070 +80=RX6800 + 70$= RX6800XT + 50$ = RTX3080 Jay: the gap between the 6800 and 6800XT is huuuge 😂

    Max MustermanMax MustermanPrije dan
  • Wtf Jay is really the first guy who says control is neutral 😂

    Max MustermanMax MustermanPrije dan
  • OMG Jay you said ... @$$

    Scott MargerumScott MargerumPrije dan
  • Rather go with Nvidia as more and more titles will be using Ray tracing. Nvidia is far superior for that much higher fps, 3070 beats 6800xt in ray tracing fps wise.

    Pep RexPep RexPrije dan
  • 27:19 this is what I imagine rich people to do in their free time :D

    ShadedShadedPrije dan
  • I wouldn't apologize until AMD has working drivers for Linux at launch...

    KlffsjKlffsjPrije dan
  • I hate motion blur....

    Paweł PhonPaweł PhonPrije dan
  • Don't forget AMD is using it's 1st generation Ray Tracing tec. Nvidia is at 2nd generation, that's why they have lot more fps with ray tracing. But in general both RTX 3000 series and RX 6000 are very good gpus.

    BMLS BeatzBMLS BeatzPrije dan
  • Good review, gives a nice overall picture of the high-end offerings. Would have been even better if there was some comparison on power consumption in there, too.

    Eric WilliamsEric WilliamsPrije dan
  • Jay makes me sick. Sorry

    Haris JavedHaris JavedPrije dan
  • still looking for a replacement for my rx 570 without having to sell my kidney.

    EquilibriumAlchemistEquilibriumAlchemistPrije dan
  • Gosh that is a sexy tv. Every video it is in. I am thinking to myself. I don't need both my kidney's right

    Dalton HaysDalton HaysPrije dan
  • 2:07 as i watch this on my Vega 64 all I can say is "...thank god".

    AnotherAnotherPrije dan
  • " hello "

    flatlinejimbob thompsonflatlinejimbob thompsonPrije dan
  • sapphire rx 6800 xt niro+ Price How much..!! $649+30 ...? & Sapphire RX 6800 nitro+ Price How much...!! $579+20....?

    Na Qiong Trading LLP Na Qiong Trading LLPNa Qiong Trading LLP Na Qiong Trading LLPPrije dan
  • whats the song ued in the chart montage ?

    David HanyDavid HanyPrije dan
  • @ 5:47 begins a background track. What is it called? It sounds amazing!

    Xeoh501Xeoh501Prije dan
  • Idk, still tempted to go for a 3070 for nvenc

    Anthem TDAnthem TDPrije dan
  • You should be careful or someone might plot an Oceans 11 on you to get those cards you got there. You have things in front of you that people would slaughter a baby (any cute animal) to get their hands on. You lucky bastard!! And you paid exactly $0!!

    derek halederek halePrije dan
  • 0:20 epic moment ngl

    Regan BondRegan BondPrije dan
  • I would have cold ended the video at "it's up your ass".

    neotenkenneotenkenPrije dan
  • I have a laptop running radeon R4 and ive had to use an much older driver because all amd drivers after that causes major stuttering even the mouse curser at desktop stutters. Amd has not fixed it all these years later. If i install the latest driver the issue is still there. Thats how bad amd driver support is.

    GuitarFreakGuitarFreakPrije dan
  • That 32 gb flash drive is not a deal unique to JZTwoCents. I saw that on reddit last week.

    Chris FosterChris FosterPrije dan
  • ill wait for 6500xt or 3050 ti or just not upgrade at all xd. way beyond my budget and needs.

    Pupper Emeritus The GamerPupper Emeritus The GamerPrije dan
  • too many ads on his videos

    Sky AlexanderSky AlexanderPrije dan
  • No you don't Jay you don't have to apologize AMD dropped the ball ....

    Techasaurus RexTechasaurus RexPrije dan
  • Vega 64 owner here - still a worthwhile GPU for me - i paid $200 less than a 1080 (because I preordered it) for about the same performance, and with Finewine(tm)

    TheJuggtronTheJuggtronPrije dan
  • Downvote for motion blur :P

    Marcel BurkhardMarcel BurkhardPrije dan
  • Hi Jay, actual RX 6800 owner here. If I activate performance tuning in Wattman the default profile is: Automatic Default like it should be and not Quiet mode. Maybe it's a press driver issue here. Card is fantastic, btw. Everything is stable on driver level except the Control FPS-drop. I think it's just a focus problem here. Alt-Tabbing did help afair. Unless you change settings it will run on highest core clocks. Haven't tried to oc, though. And please try the XT bios on the RX 6800. It would help me a lot. I don't want to brick the GPU but to some how increase max voltage. I also would like to see memory voltage uplift in the near future but I imagine it will not be possible quite a while.

    M4LooneyM4LooneyPrije dan
  • Shirt matches perfectly with his hair lol nice....

    malleus maleficarusmalleus maleficarusPrije dan
  • Can you ask your camera guy to just shhh for at least one video, he ruins so many of them!!!

    Toria WelshToria WelshPrije dan

    Born AgainBorn AgainPrije dan
  • @JayzTwoCents Why do NONE of the reviewers benchmark Call of Duty?! Most of us older millennials with money are on call of duty and fps's. You know, the games where fps matter more than just for making it look pretty....

    Bryant ABryant APrije dan
  • you should do a new video about freesync, gsync, vsync, and everything off comparison. i don't know if any of that stuff makes a difference anymore. the newer GPU's from vega, and gtx 1000 series on don't seem to tear with or without all that stuff turned off. right now i'm playing on a LG 34WN80c with no freesync/gsync features. i don't even turn vsync on in games or anywhere else. i get very very minor tearing if any (and i mean minor to the point i can't tell, but maybe there is some i'm not seeing). this is on a 5700 xt. my wife has a vega 56, same thing. i had the RTX 2060, same thing. i made a couple videos in my YT streams. both are labeled the same. but one has freesync turned on, and the other is with everything off. on my 4k monitor that has freesync. personally i think it might be worth reviewing again. does it even matter with newer GPU's? from my experience not really, and it's just become a selling gimmick. however, i did have a high refresh rate monitor 144hz, that would tear if i remember correctly with the RTX 2060 i had. and all the monitors i've noticed this on are either 60hz or 75hz monitors. so maybe this only applies to lower refresh rate monitors? IDK i don't have everything like you do, to test these things all at one time. i'd be very curious if you did this, what the results would be. does it really matter anymore, or is it just a gimmick?

    VanquishedLight streamVanquishedLight streamPrije dan
  • 5700XT Nitro+ SE with no issues all year, am I the only one?

    Ondrej UhričíkOndrej UhričíkPrije dan
  • funny thing, when i was playing borderlands 3 with my vega 56 max settings i was getting around 100 fps lol

    XenoryosXenoryosPrije dan