Gold Digger Gets What She Deserves

19. Tra 2021.
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  • As if there not in some kind of building

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  • How did you know about him owning the bar

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  • that moment when you watch all leas vids

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  • In my life i just wanna be alone with a dark heart

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  • I choked on my water when Lia zoomed in on her face 😂

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  • i feel like this is the only dhar mann story/vid that doesnt have the saying "SO YOU SEE"

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  • I watch Ssniperwolf every time when I’m free I’m kinda a big fan

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  • I watch her like everyday. Well unless I’m busy.

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  • Only ogs like me remember this:Hey guys its me your favorite French youtuber

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  • Like... nice rich persons are near imposible to find.

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  • Who always enjoy sssniperwolf video everyday

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  • The end was so funny

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  • I watch snowfall every single

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  • I watch sniper wolf every day every day

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  • L-L-L-L-L000VE IT😂😂😂

  • heh heh heh some tea be spilling on this channel on darm man mondays hehhehheh

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  • VW owns Porsche

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  • I love you so much

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  • You: Boom boom why u need bottle Service when u own the car. Me: 😅🤣😂🤣😂😂😅🤣😂😂😅😇😂😅😆😅😁😂😅😂

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  • Ssniperwolf vw us nice but they. BREAK DOWN THE DAY U GET IT# RAGGEDY

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  • 7:51 *That double chin though-*

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  • 7:30 Yes, amazing demonstrations 😎😎

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  • SSSniperwolf vids are best vids prove me wrong

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  • I think she should sell water at costco lol

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  • Hey know why I don't want to marry are girl rich because they might not always have time or not to pray with me but if they can

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  • She truely was a Spoiled Girl

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  • gab old missus

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  • Yo really my name is Richard

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  • good thing i hid my money cause she will take it Goldigger:i only date rich guys bff:he looks nice Gd: he looks like he drives a volkswagen

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  • good thing i hid my money cause she will take it Goldigger:i only date rich guys bff:he looks nice Gd: he looks like he drives a volkswagen

    Ritah NerryRitah NerryPrije dan
  • SSSniperwolf: are you looking for a realationship or an ATM: me: OBVIOUSLY NOT A REALATIONSHIP

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  • Netflix should have a show about sssniperwolf

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  • Done I wanna win a ps 5

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  • Okay but she lowkey hit that "Broke Benjamin"

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  • Never judge a book by its cover Lady: he looks like a nice guy

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  • Me laughing lol 😅😅😆😆😆😆

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  • 7:35 haha love you snipperwolf!!!

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  • bejamin f is on the 100 bill so y she calling him broke but secretly rich

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  • porse ahhhhhhh

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  • I think Benjamin owns the place and am commenting while the video is paused, I swear to GOD

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  • What, if she took while a rich man. This is a sin. So don’t marry a rich man and marry a good man.

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  • OHHHHHHH III HHEEAAR CAP... AND KAREEEN!!!👾👺🤡🙀🤗😵🤧👎👁👄👁🗣👩🏻‍🦳🤦🏾‍♀️🤣👾

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  • I'm Karen ugh I don't care for u just give me money and that porche and me and u can be rich toghter( then she gets rejected

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  • Can you do kids make fun of boy with Autism

    Rachel LapointeRachel LapointePrije 2 dana
  • She she is very very mean and who does she think she’s talking to it doesn’t matter who’s rich 🤑 re broke 🤐🙏🏻🤑🤑🤑

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  • “Broke Benjamin” more like big bucks Benjamin lol

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  • Can yall just kicked her out

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  • Actually aldi own Lamborghini not Volkswagen

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  • HELLO FRIENDS ITS ME It never gets old

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  • I wish I was rich

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  • I Wish wish

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  • He owns it

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  • She’s so funny lol love her vids

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  • They use this sound on tiktok

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  • R for rich b for broke

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  • his name is Ben and he drives a benz

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  • I was looking at the phone case "That's illegal" merch and I was wondering if you could add a Samsung Galaxy S10e one.

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  • His name is Benjamin Franklin

  • I definitely watched as a sniper with all the times

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  • Sniperwolf omg I am your biggest fannnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! You are the best

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  • Rrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiccccccchhhhhhhh Ommg

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  • The guy named Benjamin probably has Benjamins

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  • I watch Yu and I love you 💕😻💕💕😻😻💕😻😻😻💕

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  • Spoiled women

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  • Rich: uhm actually that’s not my car rich: it’s actually that one Rich girl: WHATTTTT BUT HOW?????????????????????????????????????

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  • 😂 LOL Rich: so my car is that one rich girl: OMG IS THAT A POSHE rich: uhm yes it is????? rich girl: I KNEW IT I KNEW YOU HAD A NICE CAR THE moment I saw YOU

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  • I literally wannna cry for Brandon the guy who owns the club because like the girl called her BROKE like seriously I dint even no what broke means what does it mean like I’m only 4 years old

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  • Hi sniperwolf! I absolutely love your vids and I’m such a biggg fan!

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  • the hint that he was rich was that his name is benjamin and hes on the $100 bill right?

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  • 9:52 *ah,yes perfect kagami face*

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  • Nobody gonna talk about how they ain’t following the rules of Stranger DANGER!?

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  • I do. She is my favorite HRexr in the world.

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