Robert Horry compares the Utah Jazz to his San Antonio Spurs | The Jump

17. Ožu 2021.
61 616 Pregleda

The Jump’s Rachel Nichols, David Fizdale and Robert Horry react to the Utah Jazz beating the Boston Celtics on the road.
0:00 They discuss how valuable Utah’s depth can be in the playoffs.
1:44 Horry compares Jordan Clarkson to Manu Ginobili coming off the bench for the San Antonio Spurs.
2:31 Fizdale credits the culture of winning.
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  • You mean the planned-demic?

  • Minus a ring or 2

    David GarzaDavid GarzaPrije mjesec
  • The 6th man is just as important if not more important than the 5 starters. In the NBA, if you're in the top 8-9 players on a team, your role is extremely important. The Jazz bench is why they have won games. Jordan Clarkston, Joe Ingles, Derrek Favors can come into a game and the Jazz are just as strong (offensively & defensively) as a team. Their willingness to come off the bench is what makes the Jazz so strong team this year. It's not about who starts the game, it's about who finishes or plays in crunch time... The 5 who finish a game is more important than the starting 5.

    Andy NaylorAndy NaylorPrije mjesec
  • What teams in the nba play like the jazz and pass the ball around and focus on ball movement?

    Kwekue GhanaKwekue GhanaPrije mjesec
  • Jordan Clarkson is putting Philippines again on the map. I'd like to see Utah jazz and Denver Nuggets in WCF. I'm a Spurs fan btw.

    Mathinik by Coach MMathinik by Coach MPrije mjesec
    • Me too. Either the Jazz or the Suns vs Denver. Love the Nuggets.

      James WabwireJames WabwirePrije mjesec
    • STFU

      XChronicHashXChronicHashPrije mjesec
  • Clarkson is on the bench when it matters rob, conley and Mitchell finishes game with ingles, bogdan/o’neal and gobert

    Mark SinesMark SinesPrije mjesec
  • Proud Vietnamese JC!

    the rockthe rockPrije mjesec
  • The Jazz have a strong team, on top of 3 all star players. They are making it to the 2nd round for sure. After that, it's up in the air.

    KrisJM1234KrisJM1234Prije mjesec
  • The Spurs are legend, Utah can join the conversation after 3 Titles 🏆

    Veer ChasmVeer ChasmPrije mjesec
  • Sixth months of the YEAR 🤣🤣😂🤣

    THE HIPPOTHE HIPPOPrije mjesec
  • His spurs? This dude was on so may teams and helped win them rings...he has to be in the hall of fame stictly off how many franchise's he saved

    Enigmatic 1Enigmatic 1Prije mjesec
  • for a second there I thought Horry was Roy Jones when he started talking

    Raymart DRaymart DPrije mjesec
  • Joe Ingles is the GOAT.

    Mark LathamMark LathamPrije mjesec
  • JC 💪💪💪

    Philippines UnfilteredPhilippines UnfilteredPrije mjesec
  • And Fizz said only Raptors played that way, is he for real? Spurs made that system, and do it for years, and he was playing that Spurs system with his Grizz team

    Piotr MitręgaPiotr MitręgaPrije mjesec
  • Clarkson from SA too

    G HG HPrije mjesec
  • Robert horry never had a team So it’s not his Spurs This guy was a role player traded from team to team to play post defense and that’s all None of the shots he ever made was for him He never was a option ever coming out of huddle Didnt average 10 pts a game Didnt average hardly any assist a game Never was a top rebounder

    Sir DopenessSir DopenessPrije mjesec
    • 2 champs wouldn’t be champs without big shot bob

      Natalie CNatalie CPrije mjesec
  • Comparing this jazz team and clarkson to the spurs and ginobili is blasphemy. There's absolutely no way they should compared, it's straight up disrespect. People are comparing this jazz team which has yet to prove anything in the playoffs to a team that was in the playoffs for 22 straight years and won 5 championships. The only possible comparison for this jazz team is the 2015 Hawks. Having the best regular season and getting the 1st seed does not grant you automatic championship. Stop overrating the jazz.

    Zaza PacheapshotZaza PacheapshotPrije mjesec
    • @Mark Latham you fool. They got ginobili in most of those years. Keep clowning.

      Zaza PacheapshotZaza PacheapshotPrije mjesec
    • um it wasn't the same Spurs team for 22 straight years ya tool

      Mark LathamMark LathamPrije mjesec
    • It is similar, big 3, 2 great 3point shooters, and style is similar, Hawks was Bud team, he played Spurs basket with noSurs team, Just like QS with Jazz

      Piotr MitręgaPiotr MitręgaPrije mjesec
  • Rachel talking about Magnum condoms when she said better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it lmao Bring back Hannah strom/storm

    Josh White's DadJosh White's DadPrije mjesec
  • Rachel Nichols you and your friends are awful. Clean your chin up before you come out and struggle to talk about basketball. It's been 45 years. At least shave that mustache. Bring back Hanna storm/strom

    Josh White's DadJosh White's DadPrije mjesec
  • Fiz is clueless. The Raptors had an 8 man rotation during their championship run. Not 10-11 as he says.

    Robert LanRobert LanPrije mjesec
  • Go Spurs !

    Anthony DAnthony DPrije mjesec
  • This panel is better than clickbaiting.

    Jordache JordanJordache JordanPrije mjesec
  • Can we stop acting like the Jazz is gonna win in the playoffs? Who here actually believes this team can make the conference finals?

    Vincent GamingVincent GamingPrije mjesec
  • The mute committee aditionally phone because subway systemically spot lest a first appliance. oceanic, agonizing columnist

    Igor YuriychukIgor YuriychukPrije mjesec
  • if jazz stays healthy, play great defense, and execute well in clutch; I can see them lose in 2nd round

    big shaq dragonbig shaq dragonPrije mjesec
  • Yep, Jordan Clarkson play like Manu Genobli.. no fear in pin..

    livie vegarelivie vegarePrije mjesec
  • The 2014 Spurs bahaha

    jonjonjonjonPrije mjesec
    • @jonjon - I say that you being an ignorant little girl is the story of your life and you think that means I’m crying? Ha ha ha. Girl, that means I’m laughing at you. Lol. You sound like you really need a win. You acting like this means the world to you! Hope you get a W one day, girl! 😂😂😂

      J KempJ KempPrije mjesec
    • @J Kemp Oh snap you still crying love it loser BYEEEE BAHAHAHA

      jonjonjonjonPrije mjesec
    • @jonjon - That’s the story of your life. Lol

      J KempJ KempPrije mjesec
    • @J Kemp yay Awsome story child..

      jonjonjonjonPrije mjesec
    • @jonjon - Then just remain the ignorant little girl you’ve always been. 😂

      J KempJ KempPrije mjesec
  • Fizdale garbage coach should not talk about winning.

    LPjunemarkLPjunemarkPrije mjesec
  • Not even close! Spurs are boring and the Jazz are exciting.

    Raffy JavierRaffy JavierPrije mjesec
    • @John Kristian Serra 5 - 0

      Yunix PeytYunix PeytPrije mjesec
    • Agree, not close. Spurs have rings, Jazz none.

      John Kristian SerraJohn Kristian SerraPrije mjesec
    • foh

      G HG HPrije mjesec
    • Nah

      Rashad AlexanderRashad AlexanderPrije mjesec
  • 80s music hits

    Mustafa DemirMustafa DemirPrije mjesec
  • Right! You dont need to start a game to bring out your best and give your team a win.

    Jans ChezantJans ChezantPrije mjesec
  • Going back farther, the '74 champion Warriors team led by the great Rick Barry went 10-11 deep in their rotation every night. Barry was one of the best players ever but that team played the right way with team basketball.

    Jing QiJing QiPrije mjesec
  • This ain’t the first time Snyder coached Clarkson though...right? Like weren’t they both at Mizzou?

    NealNealPrije mjesec
    • @Max gotcha. Thanks for the facts 🙏

      NealNealPrije mjesec
    • snyder was coach until 2006 at mizzou and clarkson played there 2013-14

      MaxMaxPrije mjesec
  • Never ask fizdale a coach question smh

    person54345person54345Prije mjesec
  • Fil-Am Jordan Clarkson,we're so proud of you..lots of love from the beautiful city of the Philippines!!!

    Marissa DionisioMarissa DionisioPrije mjesec
    • City? Philippine City?

      Subconsciously Baited YouSubconsciously Baited YouPrije mjesec
    • city of the philippines republic of china

      dee gunggongdee gunggongPrije mjesec
    • @Zaza Pacheapshot proud na proud kasi hahahaha

      Engr. RARA & Engr. RHEDJEngr. RARA & Engr. RHEDJPrije mjesec
    • Nakakahiya hahahaa d na nakakaproud ... Dami na ngang vuvo may dumagdag pa hahahaha parang covid cases nanghahawa

      Engr. RARA & Engr. RHEDJEngr. RARA & Engr. RHEDJPrije mjesec
    • City amputa, kailan pa naging city ang philippines. May Fil-am pang nalalaman. Pweh

      XChronicHashXChronicHashPrije mjesec
  • Go Jazz! 💯🔥

    hoops4lifehoops4lifePrije mjesec
  • [Lonzo Ball-Brandon Ingram -Josh Hart JuliusRandle -Jordan Clarkson-Deangelo Russell-De'Andre Hunter] for Lebron and AD

    RICK RossRICK RossPrije mjesec
    • Still would rather have LeBron and ad

      Injeian25Injeian25Prije mjesec
    • All these players won't be the same if they stayed with the lakers though. Same with thunder with harden, durant, westbrook.

      Topedo WorkshopTopedo WorkshopPrije mjesec
  • Yea the 2015 Atlanta hawks talk is stupid bruh

    Isaiah DewberryIsaiah DewberryPrije mjesec
  • At the end of the day it comes down to Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert none of that depth stuff matters

    SSSSPrije mjesec
    • Lmao found the casual

      Natalie CNatalie CPrije mjesec
  • UTAH should relocate ASAP💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

    Joseph underwears SmithJoseph underwears SmithPrije mjesec
    • Never going to happen small market but in the playoffs every year and rabid fan base

      Dallas WoodDallas WoodPrije mjesec
    • MonogomyK

      Nick SchultzNick SchultzPrije mjesec
  • you missed Ersan Ilyasova . He added some depth too

    Buruç ÖzbeyBuruç ÖzbeyPrije mjesec
    • 🇹🇷

      Gurey GGurey GPrije mjesec
    • We'll see. Hasn't played yet.

      Mina GutaMina GutaPrije mjesec
  • Depth doesn’t matter in the playoffs.

    Basketball DudeBasketball DudePrije mjesec
    • If your team has 2 - 3 injuries early in the playoffs what will you do play 5 guys 48 minutes right to the chip ? Of course depth is important

      Errol P.Errol P.Prije mjesec
    • @Bill Pap. Yes and those 8 key guys have a peak of going to the second round at best again showing why a regular season team with amazing depth isn’t that formidable come playoff time.

      Basketball DudeBasketball DudePrije mjesec
    • @Basketball Dude It's not like Utah will go 10 man deep in the playoffs. They have an incredible 8 man rotation with Niang coming in as the 9th guy off the bench. Those 8 key guys will play in the playoffs, an 8 man rotation feels good to me if you're in the postseason.

      Bill Pap.Bill Pap.Prije mjesec
    • @Cluxer Then prove my above point wrong

      Basketball DudeBasketball DudePrije mjesec
    • True

      O EAOO EAOPrije mjesec
  • The irony of Fizdale talking about a culture of winning... So glad the Knicks have Thibs now

    KingCantona14KingCantona14Prije mjesec
    • @Karl Anthony Margate yeah but whats was his team for real,every one was switch team and new no culture and rj was a rookie and randle not much of a leader and no point guard, now the team play better with one good draft pick quickley and maybe toppin will come alive next year or the year after. Put an all star 2 or a 3 position in this team and they will be good but can randle be great if he is not number 1 offense it is not sure but he knows how to move the ball and play for the team

      John DoeJohn DoePrije mjesec
    • And talking about systems

      Karl Anthony MargateKarl Anthony MargatePrije mjesec